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MOORE’S SERVICES, LLC is a full service Tax Preparation Company that provides year-round services. We specialize in both individual and business taxes. We also offer Notary Public Services. Come in and see us today.


MOORE'S SERVICES, LLC offers Car Dealership, Church and Individual franchise opportunities.

Franchise business opportunities minimize risk and give you the best possible chance to succeed.

      If you are seriously considering going into business for yourself, but may not be willing to go it alone, a franchise business opportunity is your best choice. When you buy a franchise business you’ll get support and guidance. You won’t need to reinvent the wheel – there will already be a system in place for you to follow. That’s the best feature about our franchise business opportunities. 

     MOORE'S SERVICES, LLC has done the hard work for you. Starting any business venture is risky, but a franchise business provides a proven system for you to work with, which means you can avoid the critical mistakes often associated with start-ups. Not only do you eliminate start-up problems with franchise business opportunities, you can achieve things you may not be able to accomplish on your own. You’ll have our staff to share ideas with, brand awareness already in place, year round support and training. That’s what a franchise business opportunity is all about. You’ll be in business for yourself, not by yourself.

Car Dealership Franchise:

      At tax time MOORE'S SERVICES, LLC partners with car dealerships to assist their clients obtain car loans. With our New Car Loan Assistance program we set up a mini tax office inside the dealership.
Working with the owners, finance managers and sales managers assisting with set up, hiring and training of the staff for tax preparation on site.

This program offers great value to the dealership and it's clients by providing down payments for car purchases to be direct deposited to the car dealerships account from the clients income tax refund. This guarantees the funds for any up front cost for a vehicle purchase. By offering our New Car Loan Assistance program dealers have increased their volume at tax time by up to 40%. Tax season is the hottest time of the year for car sales and new car buyers needs this services. By partnering with Alabama's #1 Tax Service MOORE'S SERVICES, LLC and offering the New Car Loan Assistance program you will never have to walk a client again when they say "I will be back when I get my Income Tax Refund".

Individual Franchise:

You’ve dreamed of business ownership. So did we. You’re tired of working for others. So were we. You don’t want another job. We know how you feel. That’s why MOORE'S SERVICES, LLC has broken the franchising mold. We stand out in line. We make lots of noise. We drive our competition crazy. And we’re prepared to open new offices. Want in on our success?

MOORE'S SERVICES, LLC has already gone through the learning curves and created the secrets of success for the tax preparation industry. At MOORE'S SERVICES, LLC we provide you with a proven marketing plan, operating guidelines and training. All of our years of experience have laid the foundation, but we don’t stop there. We are always open to new and better approaches to accomplishing our goals. We’re looking for people who have the drive and desire to be a part of our fast growing progressive and aggressive system our franchise business opportunities present.

 Church Franchise:

MOORE'S SERVICES, LLC partners with churches in the community to offer low cost tax preparation service to the members. Tax season we set up a mini tax office inside the church.
We assist with set up, hiring, training of the staff to make your church tax office a great service to your members and local community. This opportunity creates jobs for members of the church and provide needed services for all. At the end of tax season MOORE'S SERVICES, LLC makes a financial donation of 25% of the net profits to the precipitation church.

 MOORE'S SERVICES, LLC- Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

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